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The Research Advisory Board, comprised of academic and industry members, provides input on Bionaxe's research direction to ensure the research programme is focused on the needs of industry members and based on cutting-edge developments from our academic partners.

The boardconsists of one representative from each Bionaxe partner and investor organization,representatives from other Bionaxe member companies, and other independent advisors as appointed by the board.


  • Rebecca Dawn Brown
  • Davor Enarusi
  • Dr. Edith M. Lopez
  • Hestor Santiago
  • Dr. Vashu Sangupta
  • Dr. Trevor Jones
  • Dr. Sin Li Chan
  • Dr. Katoso Akamura
  • Tomas Vida Lopez

Toronto, Canada
July 1, 2007

Bionaxe, a research and development leader in Canada's nanotechnology industry is pleased to announce it has entered into a strategic alliance with EArnold Investment. Bionaxe and EArnold intend to research and develop advanced nanotechnology technologies for advanced consumer product lines.