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PHOTOAllista Sterling is chief executive officer of Bionaxe. As the daughter of founder Jonathan P. Sterling, she has spent her life working with and on Bionaxe developments. She took over management of the company in 1987, and has spent the better part of two decades ensuring that the revolutionary technologies perform profitably for the company and its investors. She has led the company through one of the most challenging growth periods in the industry's history and helped return the company to sustained profitability. Under her leadership, Bionaxe has implemented a new operating model, developed a more customer- and marketing-driven culture, won new business in emerging markets and expanded the role and reach of company, and acquired significant private financing.

Respected as a thought leader in the industry, Ms. Sterling was appointed by the UN Commission on the Environment as chair of both the Emerging and Sustainable Technologies Committees, positions she held since April 2003. She currently is a member of the International Body of Standards and Ethics in Emergent Technologies.

In addition to serving as secretary of the Bionaxe board of directors, Ms. Sterling also sits on the board of EArnold Investments, where she chairs the innovation evaluation committee. She received her engineering undergraduate degree from Carnegie-Mellon University and completed the Advanced Management Program at Stanford University in 1987. She has received an Honorary Doctorate of Engineering from the Technion Institute of Technology, as well as an Honorary Doctorate in Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of Toronto.

Toronto, Canada
July 1, 2007

Bionaxe, a research and development leader in Canada's nanotechnology industry is pleased to announce it has entered into a strategic alliance with EArnold Investment. Bionaxe and EArnold intend to research and develop advanced nanotechnology technologies for advanced consumer product lines.