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Query Letter
"And Morning Followed" is a hard science fiction thriller, set in the near future. The events portrayed may already have happened.

When Stephanie Morning, a highly respected computer security expert, disappears out the door of nanoresearch darling Bionaxe Systems taking experimental nanotechnology with her, local police detective Callum Flannherty and international cyberspy Sam Ames lead the chase; Bionaxe CEO Allista Sterling and Dr. Jethro Smythe, inventor of the Takeo process, can't wait to learn her motives, and head to the Panamanian space elevator they control to distribute a nano-antidote, one they control.

This novel is completed, approx. 70,000 words, and ends with a cliffhanger. The preview for the second novel about AI, nanotechnology and the potential for singularity, is included.
After security guru Stephanie Morning steals breakthrough technology from nanoresearch darling Bionaxe's secret labs, she is contacted by Awa, an awakening AI. She travels to England to uncover the extent of the threat, and then heads in pursuit of the Bionaxe execs who intend to release the substance into the atmosphere.

Bionaxe (http://www.bionaxe.com) is run by CEO Allista Sterling, daughter of a man ignored by his peers. Her goal is to ensure the world recognizes his genius. Working with lead scientist Dr. Jethro Smythe, they are determined to remain in control of the nanotechnology and acquire control of the consumer goods market with their nanomanufacturing process, Takeo. They can't wait for patent protection, and choose instead to spread a nanotech antidote giving them the control their shareholders demand.

Toronto police detective Callum Flannherty and his sidekick partner Johnny "J" Norris are in hot pursuit of the thief. Cal receives a call from Spaniard Sam Ames, European cyberwarrior, on the trail of a potential "level 5" bioincident. Sam is a dark agent, assigned the task of preventing the level 5 incident. From Cal's files and through his online hacker IDs spyke and Felix, Sam discovers that his old flame Stephanie Morning is at the heart of the incident, and sets off in pursuit, out of passion instead of duty.

Events converge on the new Panamanian space elevator, an architectural wonder built with older Bionaxe technology. Dr. Smythe and Stephanie Morning wage a nanoscale war within the tower's substrate, while Sam attempts to protect Stephanie from assassination. The secret organization he worked for will stop at nothing to prevent the level 5 incident.
Writer Biography - Carolyn L Burke
What I know:
  • Computer security expert (I hold CISSP and CISM certifications)
  • Entrepreneur (I founded my first company in 1993, and my latest in 2002)

What I've done:
Promotional skills:

Thank you for your time and consideration. My full manuscript is available on request in digital and hardcopy.

Warmest regards,

Carolyn L Burke
155 Dalhousie Street, Ste. 701
Toronto, ON, M5B 2P7, Canada

416 369 0113 (business)
416 893 4280 (personal cell)
clburke@gmail.com clburke@integrityincorporated.com

Toronto, Canada
July 1, 2007

Bionaxe, a research and development leader in Canada's nanotechnology industry is pleased to announce it has entered into a strategic alliance with EArnold Investment. Bionaxe and EArnold intend to research and develop advanced nanotechnology technologies for advanced consumer product lines.