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February 13, 1999
Bionaxe has donated use of patented Day3 technologies to the Panamaniam Space Port Authority for the construction of the world's first space elevator. Unlike conventional designs, the elevator will consist of smart material built from the ground up using Day3 technology, and will become the world's first orbital free standing structure.

  • State of the art manufacture
  • Rapid completion
  • Low cost
  • Easy maintenance


The elevator will be constructed with a three-layer hexagonal cross-section and will be capable of transporting 13 thousand metric tons of material daily. The pseudo-hollow stem will support a flexible nano carbon tubule layer for infrastructural support which in turn will support a smart material outer layer to serve all transportation and logistics requirements. Design for the elevator was also supplied by Bionaxe.

Construction is expected to be completed by 2003 allowing full-capacity use of the space elevator by eary 2004.

The space elevator will become the property of the Panamaniam Space Port Authority on completion.

For further information about Bionaxe, the Day3 nanotechnology and any technical concerns, please contact Allista Sterling, CEO. For further information about the Panamaniam Space Port Authority, the space elevator, its use and completion schedule, please contact Venubio Gonzales, Executive Director, PSPA.

Toronto, Canada
July 1, 2007

Bionaxe, a research and development leader in Canada's nanotechnology industry is pleased to announce it has entered into a strategic alliance with EArnold Investment. Bionaxe and EArnold intend to research and develop advanced nanotechnology technologies for advanced consumer product lines.